Friday, 6 June 2008

Brit Films

No, I'm not talking about The Saint, Get Carter, or even The Lavender Hill Mob when I say Brit Films, what I mean is, Brit Films the Online Screening Website, offering news, reviews, competitions and another nest upon which to satisfy your gradual conquest of the Internet screening/streaming world.

The submission process is fairly painless, just send them a DVD/CD of your work, and I'm guessing this is to retain the quality of your film stream. Weird isn't it, YouTube's quality sucks yet it is the most popular video streaming site on the Net, but let's not get into that, I have so much I could rant about that one.

Content wise, Brit Films are fairly open minded, don't however, let that bit of hanky-panky go overboard with close-ups and you'll be right. Also, Brit Films, unlike YouTube and even more so MySpace Video avoids those videos calling itself film in the form of showing someone picking their nose using their sister's double-jointed toe, or a cat who meows in Turkish, or a young cousin slipping over on a slice of Birthday cake and cracking their head open as the whole family panics except for the twat filming it who cackles in delight. I believe "Jack-Ass" is the formal term for this kind of movie.

Of course there is no cost involved with sending your film to Brit Films, well, postage obviously but somebody has to deliver the mail. Don't chuckle though, Upstart Films, an Australian short film screening website that has since gathered a few cobwebs was in 2005 still charging $35 to have your film screened on their website. What a little upstart indeed.

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