Saturday, 21 June 2008

International Kansk Video Festival

International Kansk Video Festival is currently after submissions. The Kansk Video Festival is "art-territory and anti-Hollywood" and provides a "social platform for alternative and innovative films".

Kansk was founded in 1640 as a Russian fort and is located within the Siberian Federal District. If you plan on travelling to Kansk you might want to travel on the Trans-Siberian railroad enjoying a first class meal of Rassolnik.

Entry submission is free, three films or videos selected by the Jury will be awarded with DIPLOMAS, and they have a "no copyright" category for films discussing or addressing the problems involved with copyright and piracy. So, feel free to rip or burn one of my short movies and enter it yourself.

The deadline for the International Kansk Video Festival is 25th July 2008.


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