Wednesday, 11 June 2008

International Short Film Festival of L’Aquila

Entries close July 15th to get your works into L'Aquila International Short Film Festival in Italy. L'Aquila is "the largest, most mountainous and least densely populated province of the Abruzzo region of Italy" so it makes good sense to bring the wonderful people of L'Aquila your films, assuming they are wonderful but having not heard anything bad about them, I think I am safe to assume that.

Often people only target major festivals and I think this is the wrong attitude. The more people from every nook and cranny of this expansive globe who can see your work the better it is for cultural activities as a whole. The better it is for your own well being and the offerings of thought that can be spread across our planet when asked.

They have an interesting way of determining entry fees - they go by how developed your country is. Australia is at 17 between Canada who pay more and France who pay less. If you live in Burundi or Democratic Republic of Congo you pay very little, and if you live in Luxembourg, Norway, or Iceland you pay top price because those countries are in the top three most richest and developed. It is a strange and interesting chart for determining entry fees.

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