Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Molotov Alva

Most of you will well know about Molotov Alva (Not Moloto Valva) and his search for the creator: A Second Life Odyssey. Shot in "Second Life" the film follows Molotov from when he vanishes from his Californian home and ends up in "Second Life". Well, it was unique at its time, and uses the documentary genre as Molotov carries with him a camera to record his experiences, to explore his new environment and to question the virtual world. The thing is that a precedent film like this of course is self-referencing its environment to such a large extent that of course all the narrative centers around this, naturally, that is the first creative step in using a media platform such as "Second Life", like with Tron, which was all about the innards of a computer, it was all about self-referencing computer games inside the machine itself.

So where to now? There are and continues to be episodes, series, and short films shot in "Second Life", Molotov had a point of difference in the character having a "real-life" presence as well. Are we going to see a few full-scale feature films in "Second Life" that contain narratives that don't self-reference "Second Life" at all?

Sure Machinima has taken off, and "Second Life" movies are the result of that. I am wondering if Hollywood has lined up a few big name actors to take part in a feature length Machinima "Second Life" production. Who would be good for such a project? I'm thinking that voices as in animation would place a huge part in it, but imagine a "Second Life" Machinima character modelled on Brad Pitt but talking like Tom Baker. Are films in "Second Life" only limited to a short movie medium? It would be hard to sustain a continuous series of "Second Life" feature films considering the limitations on the design, let's face it, the day Willem Defoe turned up to an audition was a day someone recognised we had an interesting looking and behaving actor on our hands.

Shooting features in "Second Life" is certainly the cheaper option as far as feature film making goes, perhaps we all have at least one Machinima feature in us that would transcribe well to "Second Life". What kind of scenarios would work in "Second Life"? Would a Withnail & I type film play off well in Machinima? Certainly going down the Cyberpunk world makes more sense. Anyway, there is absolutely room for the The Meaning of Second Liff and possibly The Deeper Meaning of Second Liff as "Second Life" deepens, expands, and develops its own cultural characteristics.

A virtual world, the contents of which are totally belied by its press coverage. For instance, any Web 2.0 social space of which bears the words. 'This program will change your first life'.

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