Monday, 23 June 2008

The One Minutes awards 2008

Here is the info on The One Minutes awards 2008.

The World One Minutes exhibition in Beijing is the first of a series that will continue in Zagreb, Istanbul, Lisbon and São Paulo. It constitutes the beginning of the World One Minutes Biennale, with subsequent events taking place in 2010 and 2012.

The One Minutes awards 2008 has the following categories ...

One Minute of freedom

This is your minute to show whatever you want.

Small news

Mini documentary, about the importance of and the love for apparently unimportant news; varying from a tree that fell down on the highway to receiving a diploma. The alternative world news service.

Book or film, retold

A book or a movie retold in exactly one minute time. Consuming culture with the speed of an intercity train.

Looking out of the window

Videos like an eye, looking through the window of a house, flat, or a moving train. A registration without comment. No editing allowed, but the location of recording has to be mentioned.


Category for The One Minutes Junior (one minute makers, up to 20 yrs.), that made the 'best of the word' One Minute, and who deserve a prize and fame.

Don't forget to read the technical requirements.

It took me almost two years to complete my last one minute movie so lucky the deadline for applications is set for October 1st.

Best thing is you don't pay a thing. You can pay a thing if you want to but I don't know what the mopetery exchange is for Dr Seuss currency.

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