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On Saturday night I watched Michael Moore's SiCKO, now I realise I'm a bit behind in these kinds of things ... the odd thing is that after having watched it, the next morning I got severe food poisoning from some Smoked Salmon I had chewed into late in the night. I still haven't recovered properly, feel weak at the knees, aching limbs, a bit of nausea and a hot head. Anyhow, as much as there are the arguments everywhere regarding Michael as a propagandist I think what it comes down to that if there weren't people out there creating the kind of stuff Michael Moore creates then you'd always have the balance tipped the other way and the masses would have no catalysts upon which to spark off their thinking cells.

Michael Moore's SiCKO I found to be interesting, as in Australia we are slowly heading towards private enterprise, selling off the public sector without a thought for the person way down the bottom in cue for these services. We do over-sell our own worth, all this double talk about "Best bloody country in the world mate" does make one wonder about those people who continually say these things yet other countries have magnificent systems in place and yet modesty doesn't require someone to keep blathering it out as if proof can only be gained from what is heard. The answer of course is "Keep on telling yourself and everyone else and of course someday we'll all believe it", but the proof lies in where we are heading not where we are at now.

Take for example our Railway system, Connex, one of the most appallingly run "public" transports systems there is. The most sloppy service because Connex couldn't give a rats arse about its duties. With the ticket machines and Connex ticket inspectors, the people are at the mercy of a company who answers to no-one. It is a very sad situation.

Of course there were a few moments in Moore's SiCKO I thought to be sensationalist but that appears to be his style, and the underlying issues expressed do really exist. His comparisons to other countries relate purely to health care and not an overview of that country. Same with The States, Micheal is high-lighting a particular problem, not the country as a whole. I'd rather have a Michael Moore making stuff then not because as I said otherwise we'd have all the same usual tiresome bollocks we normally have shoved in our faces. Which as much is agreeable to a large proportion of the population, that is, the Today/Tonight audiences, it doesn't suit the rest of us.

A couple of responses from "Moore Watch" I'd like to comment on here that I thought were intrinsically daft, the first being a comment that was made stating that if you can't afford public health care then quite obviously your life could be at risk, the reply from someone was that you wouldn't be at risk, only in debt. We of course understand this to be rubbish as you wouldn't get a look-in if you couldn't afford the care you'd just be flatly refused, and if you were put in debt, chances are you would find yourself in just as bad a predicament.

The other argument or arguments were about the quality of public health care, in some countries we know that the public health care system is problematic. Okay, a few points on this one. Yes, but having a system in the hands of the people allows the people more ability to change that system, and also in those circumstances the country as a whole is poor and cannot afford a good public health care system.

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