Thursday, 26 June 2008

Tequel Poetry Film Festival

"Greenscreens are green, Bluescreens are Blue, CGI, how about you?".

California Institute of Arts and Letters has a mission and that mission is to "create and maintain conversations that matter through publishing, peer support networks, and community events." So, the Tequel Poetry Film Festival is a chance to submit works that are "set to a particular poem, or it can be poetic in nature, as interpreted by the artist." The organisers behind the Tequel Poetry Film Festival say "We welcome experimental film, video, or digital works that combine poetry, image, and sound."

Here are the Submission Guidelines

Must be 15 minutes or shorter in duration.

Can be from any country and in any language; non-English works must include English subtitles.

Must include entry form and fee (payable to California Institute of Arts and Letters).

Regular deadline: August 9, 2008 ($25 entry fee)

Goto to their website for further details.

There once was a filmmaker down under
Who made films by pillage and plunder
His ways to get mending
A funding application pending
He got none, what a terrible blunder

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