Thursday, 10 July 2008

Compass of Mystery 2008 Festival

No later than 15th August 2008 you have to get films into the Compass of Mystery 2008 festival. Entry is free but films must be a maximum of five minutes in duration. So, who and what is Compass? Compass Film CIC is "dedicated to opening up ignored areas of visual culture, and to enabling access to a wide range of moving image and critical debate for the general public, those that currently lack access, as well as dedicated film interests." For entry form and guidelines you may click on this link in order to vrooom over to their website.

Not many of you will know, but I do a bit of spoken word on the side, and the Compass of Mystery 2008 Festival will be launched with a couple of Poetry Slams. A Poetry Slam is where a bunch of poets or people who write poetry get up one after the other and perform a piece, each piece is judged by either the audience or a jury and then the competition is narrowed down to then see who wins what prizes. Someone should do a Film Slam although there probably is a few about, but the key to doing a Film Slam would be having the filmmakers have several works they can screen on the night - Underground Film did an Online variation of a Film Slam with their festival based on the body of work by the filmmaker and not just one film.

Back to Bristol, and Compass. Although the festival is called Five Minutes of Mystery I don't think the films have to be mysteries, and if they do then just leave the synopsis section of the entry form blank.

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