Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Famous Riddle

Here is bite sized tale of when fame is over-looked. A great little story from when I was sharing a house with a friend of mine, performance artist and painter, Zuttoniun. From his direct description of events ...

"I was studying my Diploma of Visual and Performing Arts at RMIT and doing a Contemporary Art Opera in 2002. As I was meeting many artistic people; I decided to ask this chick from the show, if she was willing to pose kissing for half an hour with her boyfriend as I did them in an ink painting. She did. I got it framed and hung it at the Barcelona Restaurant in St Kilda. Shortly after it was on the wall there was interest and a woman loved it and purchased it. It was still on the wall (sold) and then this filmmaker saw it and loved it also. We met whilst he was about to have dinner with his partner of the time. He wanted me to do something artistic for him as a romantic gesture to his partner.

We met again after we exchanged phone numbers. This time he appeared deeply involved with his film. A serious looking mature man that evening took most of his time at the restaurant but he came briefly to meet me and look at the artwork he had asked me to show him. The pictures of low quality expressed great depth and I felt insecure at that time. Commenting on a piece performance art where I wore an Arabian style outfit with the words "I Do Not Exist" on them I said to him: " I was probably just pissing in the wind" he replied: "You probably are... But ..." I felt he saw more in my expression that he wanted to pursue but the fact that he was so busy with his film did not allow for this..."

So when my friend got home I had asked him about his day. He described the meeting with the filmmaker. "Oh what was his name?" I said. My friend's memory was somewhat hazy not having put the celebratory pieces together of who he had just met. "Ridley ... Ridley ... Ridley something" he said. "Ridley Scott!" I gawked. "He was promoting a film called Black Hawk Down?" Zuttoniun proffered. I stammered, "He directed Blade Runner! You had dinner with Ridley Scott!!! Bloody Hell!!"

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