Thursday, 3 July 2008


The International One-Minute Film Festival, Filminute is currently calling for entries until August 20th (midnight - just in case you aren't a shift worker). You can upload your film electronically via their website. If you prefer to get the gossip in your own language other then English they have 24 translations to choose from, whether you speak Bengali or Romanian, Bulgarian or Finnish, it is all found at this link.

The Filminute Jury this year is Oscar-winning screenwriter & director Paul Haggis, Wieden plus Kennedy agency co-founder David Kennedy, and FIPRESCI board member and film critic Andrea Dittgen. Just to let you know "Wieden+Kennedy (W+K) is one of the largest, independently-owned advertising agencies in the world", they came up with the Nike slogan "Just do it", so judging will be vigorous, so vigorous it may only take them a minute to rate your film.

They have a Filminute Blog for keeping in touch with latest developments and reading up on other sixty second situations around the globe because we do revolve at 0.00069 revolutions per minute, so it is important to keep up.

What else can I say? Just minute.

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