Friday, 11 July 2008

Grand International Film Festival Manila


Screams the Grand International Film Festival in Manila - Philippines. Yes, it is starting to become essential, possibly almost respectable for some festivals to not have entry fees. The gamma that is Manila, a thriving hustling and bustling global city. One interesting fact about this city is that the Manila Folder was named after it due to the original usage of Abacá fibre in making them.

The deadline is August the 10th. That's about as much as I can pinch to tell you about the festival, they've locked most of the text there! So rather then quote them, I'll just have to put it into my own words (That's Creative Commons for you!). The Grand International Film Festival of Manila is a celebration of filmmakers and dedicated to rewarding them for their efforts. Sounds nice doesn't it? The festival runs over five days so plenty of fun if you have a week you can get off to kick back in the Philippines, chowing down sizzling sisig and gulping down Brandy-Iced Tea Powder.

Other than that, there is an Online form for submissions and a guidelines page, always a good read.

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