Tuesday, 1 July 2008


Kino Kabaret Uk "is a series of filmmaking marathons, screenings and parties
taking place across Sydney July 14 – 19 2008." Out of Manchester come this concept and interested Australian filmmakers get to work in teams creating without the constraints of money or time. I am presuming this doesn't mean you get fifty million and twelve years to make "The Mabinogion" but 50 filmmakers from around the country get to work together with enough contacts to realise their visions.

I believe the filmmakers have been chosen for this year but it might be a good idea to book into the screenings and see what they came up with and then next year book yourself into some Kino Kabaret treatment. Actually after reading the submission process it seems you just rock up to the screening night with your DVD, but you better go read the details on their site yourself as I just did a quick read through because I don't live in Sydney.

The screening nights, three of them, cost $15 dollars each but if you book for all three you only pay $30. Here are the details for the "London Calling" screenings.

LONDON CALLING | Tuesday 15th July, 6:30pm | Australian Centre for
Photography, Paddington
MODS VS ROCKERS | Thursday 17th July, 6:30pm | Tom Mann Theatre, Surry Hills
HAÇIENDA | Saturday 19th July, 6:30pm | St Stephens Church Hall, Newtown

If you are interested in getting involved in all this Brit business in NSW then stomp on over to their website.

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