Monday, 7 July 2008

Leeds International Film Festival 2008

Leeds International Film Festival or LIFF (Not the meaning of, or deeper meaning of) is currently seeking exciting and challenging films for their 2008 program. Over thirteen days from 4th - 16th November 2008 Leeds will screen more then 200 films and the deadline is the 15th August. Leeds International Film Festival is the UK’s largest regional festival, and there is no entry fee.

What was that? You say. Yes, no entry fee, of course. Leeds is a wonderful West Yorkshire county borough famous in one way for having reared Peter O'Toole amongst many other ways. So send off your films to the Leeds International Film Festival Festival and bake yourself some Yorkshire pudding in celebration of having it screened by the lovely Loiners of Leeds.

"Aye. We were so poor, we had to have our films flown to Leeds by greaaaaat big carrier pigeons"

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