Friday, 18 July 2008


Now that I've had a somewhat pointless rant and feel better that I could stomp my feet a little, blow off steam and have a wee cultural cringe or two, I would like to tell you about Metafest an Online/Offline short film festival from the Microcinema International crew. Metafest is a highly rewarding Online film festival that is easy to enter and busy with cinematic salutations from filmmakers all across the world.

Deadline is September the 10th but you only have to upload your film, so between having a bath, drinking a mug of warm milk, brushing your teeth, putting in the cat, why not also upload your film.

The Grand Jury prize is $5000. The rest of the prize pool is this ...

"Short-Short Award for outstanding work in a video of 3 minutes or less: $2,000 cash and more Online Audience-Choice Award, as selected by viewers: $1,000 cash and more Offline Audience-Choice Award, as selected by attendees of the San Francisco theatrical screening: $1,000 cash and more Honorarium Pool: The creator of each film selected for the MetaFest offline program will receive a cash honorarium of $50 presented by Microcinema International."

There is quite a bit of information to read up on as far as Metacafe and Metafest goes so I'll leave you to it ... visit their site here.

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