Wednesday, 30 July 2008


A reminder that the Melbourne Underground Film Festival is closing in on its deadline, which is August the 11th. You can grab all the details from their website. One of the few worthwhile fee charging festivals because they have a covered demographic and wide birth of showcase venues. It is funny that many years ago, I think around the first or second MUFF, I actually got the filtering system on my University computers lifted simply because I couldn't access the website, MUFF was blocked, only by name, and for a Media Student it was extremely disconcerting not being able to access Underground Film Festivals with such ACRONYMS or names that could be considered not sensible or rather censurable. Try accessing the Nihilist Film Festival, no chance.

Years later as I sat in a Job Seeker cubicle where a woman attempted to enter my resume into their database I came across a similar issue with a play I had written that did very well in the Melbourne Fringe Festival quite a few years back, it was a notable point in my writing life, so I put it on my resume. It was funny to see this woman turn around and say to me that the system wouldn't allow her to input the word "Gangbanging" on it, the play being called "Brothers be Gangbanging" which was taken from a RUN-DMC song, it was funny to hear her say it several times before I realised what the heck she was talking about.

Last year my film got banned from MUFF, this year my next work wont make it in on time to be banned, and "Errol Flynn's Pianist" may not fit the style of the festival. Revolution No.9 is the title of this years festival, alright?

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