Tuesday, 15 July 2008

No Stars, No Funding, No Taste

The next Exploding Cinema is July 18th (Friday) at the Half Moon Pub, Herne Hill London. A bit of history about the night, "It's almost SIXTEEN years since the Exploding Cinema was founded in a stone cold bunker at the back of a squatted sun tan oil factory in Brixton." There will be a mystery band playing on the night, but does this mean they will be jamming under a shroud? Or will the fog machine be running at high density, enough to conceal the musicians and their instruments?

Brixton is a cool little spot in South London, the birth place of such notories as David Bowie, Mick Jones, and the fictional Butler in PG Wodehouse's novels Jeeves grew up there. Exploding Cinema, Doors 8pm £5 entry, catch the 3, 37, 68/468, 196, 201, 322, N37 buses or get a train to Herne Hill Station, it will only take you 2 minutes to walk there, or else catch the Virgin Atlantic flight over, they serve nice food.

If you want to submit work to Exploding Cinema and I know you do, then go to to their submissions page here.

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