Monday, 21 July 2008

OFF at Cinema Oblò

Here is part of a press release calling for film entries for OFF (Oblò independant short-film festival), a Swiss film festival screening at the Cinema Oblò. The cinema aims to provide a venue available to a wide variety of filmmakers, a recent screening featured a program of films that responded to ideas on sexual freedom.

Cinema Oblò can be found in the city of Lausanne in Switzerland, which is the French speaking part of the country. James Mason lived in Lausanne.

The festival curators say ...

"OFF 2008: off-screen, off-world, borderline, true-school underground film festival...

The Oblo Cinema in Lausanne (CH) will organise once again a festival dedicated to all marginalised filmmaking attitudes: underground and/or experimental; essay and/or joke, artistic and/or D.I.Y., low-budget, but totally FREE.

!!! All films will be treated kindly :-)!!!"

Pop along here to get all the details and entry form for printing. I like that they strive to treat all films kindly, maybe even providing a water bowl and blanket.

Make sure you get it there before August the 1st. It's tight I know but if you send it in the next couple of days it should get there in time. So, I guess now all you have to do is send it OFF.

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