Thursday, 3 July 2008


No, not an Aussie porn site.

The idea behind Rootclip is simple, they have created the first chapter of an ongoing narrative and your task is to help complete it. The number of clips is six in a series. How it works is that after you create the next installment, replicating the actors from the initial Rootclip episode, you upload your clip and everyone gets a chance to vote on it. If your clip gets the most "thumbs up" you get selected as an official chapter of the whole story. When it comes to the final clip, the sixth, only the previous clip creators who were chosen for the previous four chapters get the chance to make the ending. Each filmmaker who wins a place in the story gets a $500 Visa Card, the final winner of the sixth clip gets to meet Michael Moore. Odd, yes, I realise that may seem quite odd, but quirky.

For now all five are currently hard at production making the sixth clip to be uploaded for the 3rd July, so you'll have to wait until Rootclip come up with the second Rootclip adventure which I imagine will not be too far away. Perhaps for the next one the grand prize might be popcorn and a movie with Jack Black or a therapeutic mud bath with John Waters.

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