Thursday, 24 July 2008

Script Assessors

"I write doodads because it's a doodad kind of town."

Dorothy Parker

"Script Development is perhaps the most underutilised and yet most desperately needed facet of screenwriting in Australia."


SCRIPT ASSESSMENT & DEVELOPMENT is Based in Toorak, Victoria, Australia. What is offered is professional script assessment and development through funding stages. The costs are listed on the website matched to stages of script progress through the cogs of funding bodies. Script Assessment & Development endeavors to work closely with major funding bodies here such as the AFC and Film Victoria as well as Distribution Companies.

All the Script A&D Assessors have worked primarily on Hollywood films, they offer "constructive feedback (Development Notes) on how to dramatically increase its potential to attract interest domestically or internationally."

If you are planning on going down this path it may help with your funding application as the funding bodies will see that you've taken necessary steps to refine the process of your writing. You could also pay your sister $20 bucks to proof read your script but that might cause some family infighting when she realises one of the lead characters with an unkindly disposition is based on her.

I always enjoy reading the Testimonials, but in no way should they be an indication of what the service is like, that's why ebay has the system it has in place for feedback.

My own person view of this kind of thing is to check what kind of work your assessor has done, they probably divide the work between appropriate people. It wouldn't be of benefit to have someone whose experience has manly been with action flicks assessing your romantic comedy.

I myself registered as an external script assessor for Film Vic but they haven't sent me anything yet. They are probably not getting many avante-sexual trash comedy satire scripts in at the moment to pass my way. But I sit and wait, and oil my typewriter.

I don't know how many services like this run out of the Southern Hemisphere. I am familiar with private Script Assessors offering their services as a means of extra cash between film jobs. In the same way actors hold "How to act" classes between gigs. If anyone has some good stories on sending scripts in for Script Assessment, I'd love to them. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.


Dale Slamma said...

This might be a good time to mention that The Australian Writers' Guild is a helpful organisation to belong to if you are a script writer.

Rups said...

Yes Dale, it would be wise for most Australian scriptwriters to register with the AWG, I myself have never felt the need as my scripts are to no interest to Australians but for others, these services are very useful, the AWG has very good copyright support also which makes protecting ideas invaluable.

:) Rups

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