Thursday, 10 July 2008

Statute of the 8th International Student Film Festival Písek 2008

The 8th International Student Film Festival Písek 2008 is now seeking submissions. In brief "The festival’s aim is to bring together young student filmmakers of any nationality and to introduce the work of their film schools to the public as well as to award their films in the competition." This is a good entry level film festival for students, and it doesn't matter where you are studying just as long as in some shape or form you are. There is no restriction on themes so whether your film is about nude fly fishing or giant pastel de natas from outer-space, send it in, but as long as your film was made after 1st June 2006, so if you made a promo clip for the International Year of the Eucharist, then forget it, your film is too old by a year.

The festival is held in Písek, Czech Republic. Písek is located in the South Bohemian Region, that ancient kingdom, the stomping ground of creative anarchist Jaroslav Hašek (Actually a bit further South but I'm sure Jaroslav visited it even if he was too drunk to remember) and the famous film school, The Film Academy of Miroslav Ondříček. Bizarrely enough, Písek's twin town is Caerphilly in Wales, and Písek itself has an old Celtic history.

There is an Online entry form found here, and if you want to know more about the festival you can go here. Completed entry form, dialogue list in English and the production film stills before the 31st July 2008. Warning: there is no entry fee, so if you like forking out cash without a definite of having your film screened or not, then this festival and many like it are not for you. Ha, just kidding!

Here is a scenic snap of the place, just so you have an idea of what beauitful surroundings people will be enjoying whilst they have a fag during intermission.

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