Saturday, 19 July 2008

Vampire's Kiss

Director Robert Bierman is rather quiet these days on the big screen, preferring to get his pay packet from directing television. He did however direct one of my favourite films "Vampire's Kiss" starring Nicholas Cage, and it is one of the funniest films on the shelf. Another of Bierman's films is "Keep the Aspidistra Flying" with Richard E Grant but I haven't seen it.

Nicholas Cage put his everything into "Vampire's Kiss", and even went so far as to actually eat a cockroach in one scene. If you watch the scene they had to get it in one take so you see the camera wobbled a bit as Nicholas munches on a live squirmy cockroach and nearly falls out of the frame ready, I assume to spit the damn thing out.

What I like about this film is that it's a fantasy film set all in the character's head, a horror where the horror is only apparent when it becomes real, the comedy comes in because Cage makes an unlikely vampire, a typically toffee British/New York like vampire who panics at being one, or not being one, or whatever the response may be to his delusion. The fight within and the victims about him.

This film was made in the decade that Cage was rising through the ranks of roles, from "Raising Arizona" to "Rumblefish", Cage picked a funny one to finish off the decade.

As far as black comedies go, "Vampire's Kiss" works brilliantly, there is death, rape and abuse, all tagged with surrounding humor, now that's craft in a script. Nicholas is great at playing the fop, much better than Hugh Grant. Warning though, this film is very hard to track down at your local video store, if you have a good one you'll be able to find it, otherwise get them to order it in.

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