Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Alternative Film/Video festival

There certainly are some good festivals coming up and many have been flagged down by snuffboxfilms and appear on this page, so whether Aberystwyth, Ghent, Kansk, Berlin, or Los Angeles is your destination, by travel or by submission, snuffboxfilms likes to capture it all on Blogger. Don't forget to keep checking the snuffboxfilms Google Calendar down the sidebar of this page as festival deadlines draw ever closer to closing.

The next festival I would like to make mention of is the Alternative Film/Video festival in Belgrade. Now I was lucky enough to have a film screen at Mikrokino Festival in Belgrade in 2003 - under my pseudonym of the time. Actually Mikrokino were a particularly nice festival to be screened at because they sent me the glossy hard-copy program booklet with my film listed in it, all the way across the other side of the planet.

The Alternative Film/Video Festival is a whole different kettle of Ćevapčići however but still housed in Belgrade. The theme for this year's festival is "Memory", and you'll be thankful for them (The memories) if your film gets the opportunity to screen in this beautiful city (See below).

The founder of this festival is the Academic Film Center in “Student’s city” Cultural Center and first ran the festival in 1982. They say ...

"The aim of the festival is to document and define in theory the trends, to point at the values and new creative possibilities in the fields of alternative film and video."

The deadline for entries is October 15th 2008 which can be obtained from their website accordingly.

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