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Since early last year box[ur]shorts has waived the entry fee, so I guess it continues to be waived through-out 2008 and hopefully 2009 and beyond. However, you can make a donation, so that will help the festival continue to rotate its selection of chosen films freely in the same way our big green and blue planet likes to revolve as we freely make those films on it.

The concept is a unique one best explained by the box[ur]shorts people in the video at the rear end of this post. The festival runs out of several cities across the globe, housing short films in kind of Jukeboxes (The term 'Jukebox' has been thought to come from an African-American slang word "Jook" meaning to dance, so I guess these boxes could be called 'Pinbox' from the 60's slang of pinning, that's 'looking hard' at something, or 'Butcherbox' taken from the British slang of having a look at something, something to see - alternatively I don't know what 'watch' is in Switzerdeutsch, but depending on what part of Switzerland these boxes were actually made in, perhaps either 'SehenSieBox', 'MontreBox' or 'OsserviBox'). Enough of this nonsense.

The films are screened on rotation through-out the seasons, so your chance may come next season, I guess, if you miss out on the current season. There are fun prizes including bronze, silver and gold boxer-shorts awarded. Based in Los Angeles box[ur]shorts plays its movies out of Hollywood, Santa Monica, Park City, Basel in Switzerland and Hiroshima in Japan. Anyone can walk into a cafe or bar and watch one of your short films play, there is a judging Jury and an Audience Choice Award - the films screen all simultaneously each season around the world and entry forms may be found on this particular page, where you can also find all the info such as season deadlines and submission guidelines.

Not sure if the viewers of the box have to put in a Dime, but it would be cool if they could pull a lever and a random film starts playing.

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