Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Cheque ... And let me know.

I'm a bit of a literature junkie, and before you watch this video, a short American film from 1962 called "Check . . . And Let Me Know" which is about the bureaucratic side of filmmaking at the corporate level, I'd suggest reading a brilliant if not perfect short story by Valentin Katayev (1897-1986) titled "The Struggle unto Death" which this film either coincidently matches or draws upon. The pun in the title of course lies in the usage of the word "Check" which translates to "Cheque" which represents a "negotiable instrument".

More to the point for active non-theorist filmmakers, I have added this video because of the site of where it came from and I probably will be highlighting many videos from this site due to a current project I'm working on. It comes from The Internet Archive which has a plethora of "public domain" and otherwise material in the form of music, still photography, moving images, and even Websites available for deconstruction. Go for your life, have a poke around the attic, and also check out this short film, cleverly written, simply shot, and says a bundle.

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