Wednesday, 20 August 2008

DigiSPAA 2008

Above is a DudleySPA, the SPAA in Digi stands for Screen Producers Association of Australia.

2008 DigiSPAA Competition offers fifteen grand and then another twenty grand for post-production on a feature that is almost ready to hit the festival circuit and cinema screens.

The deadline for this years DigiSPAA 2008 is September the 9th, so if you have pretty much completed post on a feature film (70 minutes or more) after August of this year but something in your film just needs fixing, like the actors can't act, or the lens cap was on, and you really wish you had that extra pay-roll of post-production plus an extra $15, 000 to splash on a tub like the one Arthur is sitting in above, then that is what entering the DigiSPAA competition is all about.

Packaged with the money is a return airfare to the CineMart International Film Festival in Rotterdam.

There is a whole lot of other goodies and also requirements attached to this competition, so if you feel like you are ready to pit your feature against fellow filmmakers and see how it goes, then pop on over to the SPAA website.

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