Monday, 4 August 2008


This just came flapping into my email Inbox as a pressed release and I thought it worthwhile just pasting it directly into this post ...

"MUFF needs a 2008 trailer! And what better cess pool of creative talent than MUFF filmmakers themselves? So all you need to do is make a 30 sec to 1 minute MUFF 9 ad/trailer, post it on You Tube, then send us the link at:

info [at]

We will pick a winner and runner up for our trailer in 2008 based on the entries received online and its popularity on You Tube. Get your submission online before entries close Friday September 26. Prizes include free festival passes, DVDs, a flight to Melbourne for the winner (from within Australia only, if the winner is not from Victoria) to be a MUFF 9 guest, and some other goodies we are whipping up at present. What to make? What to do? What’s the brief? You know MUFF… Make it controversial, make it cool, make it sick, make it tough, make it burn across the retinas of our minds and win free stuff doing it. What could be better? Our festival dates are October 9 to 19, 2008 and its MUFF 9, so sell that fiends! The winning trailer will open MUFF sessions and be plastered on our site and across the web promoting YOU the winner. Get to it, underground and Indy filmmakers out there!"

So, my suggestion in the theme of the latest MUFF critique on MIFF, is get the trailer for MIFF and Mash it up, and send that in.

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