Saturday, 9 August 2008


The portmanteaus derived from Hollywood is not that extensive, the most famous probably being Bollywood in India and also Tollywood, also in India. However there is Valleywood which is the nickname given to the Dragon International Studios in Wales. I would like to suggest a portmanteau of the Melbourne Dockland Studios, since it isn't owned by any of the studio giants, I think it is owned by one Italian guy, making it very Melbourne. It's a bit of an aimless space, the Docklands, but beautiful and whatever domestic enterprises are going ahead with residential infrastructure, it still remains slightly off the beaten track to any visitor to the city of Melbourne. My proposed nickname, in the spirit of these nicknames, would be to call it Dockywood. Actually to be more Australian accurate, perhaps WHARFYWOOD would suit better.

I also propose that nine decent sized mooring outposts be built to spell out DOCKYWOOD to be viewable from above. On a completely different tangent, Dirk Bogarde's letters have been released in book form, if you are interested in some of the behind the scenes gossip and volatile workings from left of the studio spin, then read all about it in the Telegraph.

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