Friday, 8 August 2008

Electric Shorts

I always go on about, 90% Festival Entry Fee Free here at snuffboxfilms because that means for you as filmmakers it gives you the opportunity to send out your film to as many audiences as possible whilst also enabling you to pay back your mum for the loan you took for that special lens you needed quicker, but occasionally I'll let a fee paying festival under the radar if it's a) cheap or b) helps to expose works that may not fit the conventional market. So Electric Shorts has a deadline looming up, not sure when, but the films screen in October as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival, and I am to believe they are still accepting entries. The fee is a paltry fifteen bucks and they support truly self-funded filmmakers.

The idea behind Electric Shorts is to have a screening night at LOOP in the heart of Melbourne city that may "entertain, shock perhaps, provide insight, elicit empathy and possibly, lead to catharsis". One of the advantages of having your film screened in Electric Shorts is that you will find yourself drawing a whole different crowd to expose your talent to, as the Melbourne Fringe audience come from an eclectic background of arts interests, offering you the chance of a different perspective than from the regular film festival enthusiasts. You can access the entry forms for Electric Shorts on this page.

As I mentioned before, get your entry in quick, as I'm not entirely sure of when the deadline is, so just close your eyes and pull that bow.

* Post-Script - It's September 12th, the deadline, thanks for the comment below ;)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for supporting Electric Shorts. Our deadline is 12th Sept. See you all there on the night.
Cheers the Electric Shorts Team..

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