Sunday, 24 August 2008

"Errol Flynn's Pianist" in Varaždin, Croatia.

I've just been over to The Trash Film Festival webpage and was delighted to see that my short has made this years program. "Errol Flynn's Pianist" is going to screen in The Trash Film Festival, Varaždin, Croatia on the 12th of September 6pm at Kino Kult. The Festival Programme is live and "Errol Flynn's Pianist" is the only entry from Australia.

Some of the other entries sound interesting including 8 Corpses and a Pair of Tits (GB), Bazaar: Scrotum Amputation (IT), Elektrowomen (HR), She-predator (SRB) etc.

Those of you unfamiliar with Varaždin, it is a northwestern city, known for its baroque buildings, nearest to Hungary, and one of the oldest cities in Croatia. You can take a Virtual Tour of some of its notable spots here.

The after party is at caffe bar Lavra.

Here below is another snap taken on set by Ben Richards.

Cast (Foreground L to R): Steven Myszkorowski, Paul Bombig, and Charlie Smyles.

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