Wednesday, 13 August 2008


The Student Moving Image Festival of Wales in Aberystwyth is currently calling out for entries for their 2009 program (Yes folks, 2009 soon approaches). Restricted to students in Wales but entry is free for those studying at either the International Film School Wales, University of Wales, Newport, Aberystwyth University, University of Glamorgan, University of Wales, Lampeter , Swansea Metropolitan University, North East Wales Institute, Trinity College, or Carmarthen.

If you think that Wales is an outpost, think again, it is one of the most progressing countries using Digital Media. Some of the notaries previously involved in FFRESH are Stephen Frears (The Queen), Mike Leigh (Vera Drake), Andrew Davies (Bleak House), Steve Robinson (The Tribe), Oscar winning editor Jim Clark (The Killing Fields), Justin Kerrigan (Human Traffic), "have all been part of Ffresh in Aberystwyth". You'd be lucky to get anyone of statue at an Australian student film festival, actually, you'd be pushing it to get your lecturers to show up.

Set in the scenic town of Aberystwyth, wyth, sorry, with views like this ...

Who wouldn't want to make student films there.

For more information, click on over to the Guidelines page which will give you all the info on submissions. Deadline for 2009 is 8th September 2008.

Dedwydd ffilming!

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