Friday, 15 August 2008

Kansk International Video Festival

мировая премьера!

My short film Errol Flynn's Pianist is having its world premiere in Kansk, as the only Australian film in the program for this years Kansk International Video Festival, you can catch me listed in the Competition Program.

What a great festival to premiere my short film with (The world premiere of Errol Flynn's Pianist in Siberia), as the Kansk International Video Festival highlights these seven qualities in its mission statement.

"Kansk Video Festival provides a social platform for alternative and innovative films, its producing and promoting. Those works are beyond the bounds of mainstream in cinematography, as well in contemporary art.

Kansk Video Festival is international competition of films, videos and video-art, also of adjoining genres in visual art, on the border between cinema and contemporary art.

Kansk Video Festival is a neutral territory in which independent views, even radical ones, but rethinked by actual culture, are encouraged.

Kansk Video Festival is a provider of new names, genres, styles, fresh ideas for all-absorbing reservoir of film industry and television . The festival of art discoveries will not stop in pioneer research of our visual future.

Kansk Video Festival is the first Eurasian film and video forum opened for everybody freethinking, little known and celebrated artists and film directors.

Kansk Video Festival is education laboratory that develops its auditory by screening actual art, films and videos out of cultural capitals and traditional for many film festivals \'palm-and-beach\' places.

Kansk Video Festival is art-territory and anti-Hollywood."

The festival runs from September 1-7 in Kansk (Krasnoyarsk region). If you are planning on traveling to Kansk to see my short film which I know many of you probably are then be aware that getting to Kansk means taking a train from Moscow which takes four days, nobody speaks English in Kansk so let the festival organisers know you are standing at the station waiting for a cab, and lastly book yourself a uluchshenniy nomer at the "Glorious" Hotel Siberia as your room will have a shower in it.

Here is a moment on set from the film, taken by Ben Richards who played Orson Welles in the movie, and was on-set photographer, so if you need a great stills photographer for your movies, I recommend Mr Richards.

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