Saturday, 2 August 2008

A Load of Red Bull

Want to win three thousand bucks? Redbull has a competition it has been running on Filmaka and is currently accepting works for its next round with the theme "Vibrations", the call for creativity goes a little something like this ...

"Do you have an unorthodox idea for a film that you haven't submitted to us because you thought we couldn't handle it? You thought it might frighten and confuse us? You thought we just weren't ready?"

Followed by this ...

"We want non-traditional, visually-striking, highly-stimulating, mind-blowing shorts. And we want them now. From you."

Films must be 1 -2 minutes long, and uploaded onto Filmaka. If successful your clip could be screened on Television and become part of a TV series pilot which could see you making more episodes along the way.

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