Wednesday, 27 August 2008

The Making of "Errol Flynn's Pianist" (Part Two)

You may or may not remember a while back, I attempted to bring Digital Technology to the cusp of my filmmaking practice and created a "Making of" using Voicethread and encouraged all my cast and crew to comment on the images, and the shoot as they remembered it. To impart their thoughts. Well, like most Digital Tools of this kind unless you actually go around to people's houses and stick a microphone in their face, which defeats the purpose of being Digital in this way, you aren't going to get a peep.

So, I relented and went out in search of those involved in the production, one such man was James Jackson, who for all his fancy claims, I know is doing a shifty on me, and what his actual role in the shoot was, who can be sure?

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Frank Barresi said...

Are you mad?.... you are the one who made the film... mad in a fun way hey???... and it was your place you got kicked out of ... I would hate that...weren't you scared... I suppose that James Jackson character is someone anyone would be scared of... Great work guys..

Hey Rupert?... could you please look at my latest blog entry?.. I want some idea as to who I may leave a comment on their blog to expose my insight??..cheers

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