Monday, 11 August 2008

Pedro Costa

In November The Melbourne Cinémathèque is offering a treat for those of us who enjoy the work of Portuguese filmmakers. Six imported 35mm prints of "The Blood", "Colossal Youth, "Casa De Lava", "Where Does Your Hidden Smile Lie?", "In Vanda's Room", "Bones". The season also includes four of Pedro's short films, "6 Bagatelas", "Ne Change Rien", "Tarrafal", and "The Rabbit Hunters".

"Where Does Your Hidden Smile Lie?" will be of great interest to filmmakers,"Critically hailed as one of the best portrayals of the cinematic process, & called 'probably the best documentary of any kind I have ever seen' by Adrian Martin" - (Dr. Adrian Martin is a film critic from Melbourne and senior lecturer in Cinema Studies at Melbourne University).

I have not seen any of Pedro's films and that is why I'm so excited at having this opportunity. This is a retrospective of Pedro Costa's work, his style apparently low-key documentary, his subject mainly disadvantaged people slumming it in Lisbon. A mini-membership to Melbourne Cinémathèque costs $21 which entitles you to four consecutive screenings, and they show the movies at ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image), which unfortunately is not an active production centre as it should be but it is rather designed in the "Exhibitive" format of old, for a better feel multimedia and screen production venue, I would recommend Experimedia at the State Library which unfortunately is about as big as a small Bistro but actually encourages production on what facilities the government kindly bestows upon them.

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