Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Rootclip - Close Encounter

A couple of white-collars at a bus-stop, a journalist, a fleeing crowd, a nuclear explosion, a car accident, troubling aftershock, all lands the contributors of Rootclip's latest join-the-narrative story thinking about where to take the story next.

At this time, we are still very much just after the terrible car accident that appeared in the voted entry for clip number two. Now there are only two days left to create a winning entry for clip number two, carrying the story onwards for filmmakers to shoot-out clip number three. Confused? Lost? Why not go and have a look at Rootclip's frequently asked questions. Also don't forget to read the Guidelines for the latest challenge.

There are prizes to be won too. A $250 Visa Gift Card which I'm thinking may limit the site to US entries, pity if it's the case considering the Grand Prize is a $2500, but why not send them an email and they can clarify it on their FAQ.

So on a slightly different tangent and unrelated to Rootclip.

In any case it is a bit of fun and a good way of practicing working within another framework as established by someone else. I'm looking at a similar concept for my PhD but with a whole lot of boring theory to accompany it, and indeed was toying with an idea not unlike Rootclip many years ago. However, it interests me greatly, these types of participatory spaces. More and more are starting to crop up on the Net, and indeed the bulk of them being forged by advertising agencies in user-generation, becoming a form of consumer cannibalism where once we were being fed the information, we are now indeed feeding ourselves the concepts of others. Self-service sponsoring and endorsement.

... And this should have been on the front cover of Escher's biographical interviews if ever he put one out called "Escher on Escher".

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