Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Trasharama A-go-go 2008

Extended deadline for Australia's trashiest traveling pot belly of slimy film nasties is September 9th. Trasharama A-go-go 2008 hawks and canvasses some of the world's spikiest flickers that not only rolled off the back of the production truck but also managed to roll through the sewers and tumble into the Graveyards of a forgotten underground vault nesting the next race of mutated Witchetty Grub Zombies. Trasharama lurks in many venues around Australia, most of them can be found here.

The same film Mikrokino screened in 2003 was selected by Trasharama 2000 three years earlier in the millennium year under the same pseudonym I had adopted to confuse the scripting in Online Entry Forms as they were just then tentatively being introduced. That film has finally been put to rest, even after a thought of doing a 24hr version one off screening of it.

As I have mentioned, a couple of fee charging festivals slip through the radar here and Trasharama is high on the list. It's clearly obvious where the fee is going but then again at only $15 Australian each entry I'm surprised that the freakers even cover half their costs, it's a bloody big Island.

So if you have any films that ooze the stuff Trasharama like to squeeze, then wrap your DVD securely in a used Nappy, and stamp it "Express-ive", otherwise go and have a look at their gallery, you might like to attend anyway.

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