Thursday, 7 August 2008

What happens next?

I've been having a bit of fun with Virgins user-generated advertising campaign for free text called What Happens Next?. You preview three adverts set in a desert diner and the action is paused before any further punchline or result can be determined. This is where you come in. Using the Flash tool provided you can add text, speech bubbles, draw, etc. Your job? To complete the scene, show them how, sketch out your idea for the conclusion to the action.

The winning entry will then be brought to life and aired on television as part of Virgin's ad campaign. Then they will fly you and a friend to Cairns with $5000 cash in your pocket to do with what you will at a joint called The Rattle n' Hum diner. They will also stock you with a HD camera, a Sony Ericsson mobile, and a free year on the Virgin network with some kind of cap, I never understand the cap thingie, but you get one, not for your head, but for your contract with Virgin.

The runner up also receives a prize, but just goto the website to find out and get scribbling your ideas for alternative endings.

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