Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Across the Cosmos

Пианист Эрола Флинна is currently playing in Kansk as I write this, the festival is underway, today being the third day of the event. I'm not sure of which day my film is screening on or if it has already screened. I love how it is listed as 'documentary' as this was part purpose of the film. Errol Flynn became enigmatic due to his propensity to embellish truth to the point of obscuring it completely. His fondness of the sea probably fueled this, as 'sea stories' are always told in this vein. So, when I discovered that Marilyn Monroe had been chatting to Truman Capote and happened to mention Flynn, I thought that conceptually we have two figures who in their own right were part of a worldwide mythology rumoring about another such person of possibly greater proportions of myth. Truman Capote wrote Marilyn Monroe's anecdote down in a piece he wrote called "A Beautiful Child".

Of course Errol Flynn being full of extreme contradictions is what really fleshes out the irony of Marilyn's comment, and irony as someone stated being hypocrisy with style, makes a superb subject for a film about 'legend' and those lend themselves to it.

So hopefully there will be some snaps of the Kansk International Video Festival I can upload onto Blogger once the festival has wrapped. Most of the program is being shown in the Cinema Cosmos in Moscow (Official Partner of the festival).

To other things, Film Annex has changed their REVENUE SHARING POLICY and are now giving filmmakers 100% of the royalties. Film Annex is a sort of DIY distribution channel for your films. You can determine your own fees, level of quality at different prices, establish an individual page for your film along with your own Adsense, and you keep the copyright on your work. For more information about the great service Film Annex offer, pop over to their info page. It's a bit like an online market place, set up your stall and start shouting.

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