Thursday, 4 September 2008

Filminute 2008

The shortlisted entries for Filminute 2008 are live, and voting begins. You can browse the slick selection on the Filminute website. I particularly liked Support directed by Borkur Sigthorsson from Iceland, Nick & Kate directed by Matthew Mishory from the US, Lovefield directed by Mathieu Ratthé from Canada, and The Hobbyist directed by Justin Waite from the UK (Actually this one was my favourite! Pure inane silliness shot simply and all the value put in the content rather then a thousand dollar colour gradient). I guess I enjoy the punchline films.

Voting is easy, just enter your email address and vote. Here is the list of films, there are twenty-five, so in total it will take you twenty-five minutes to view the lot, depending of course on your Internet speed.

There is a lot of films about chopping up animals, not sure why, hacking into cow ribs, gutting fish, and beheading chickens. Actually only three.

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