Thursday, 11 September 2008

Flixation at The Horse Hospital

Flixation is once again getting its flickers in a knot at The Horse Hospital on Saturday 20th September. The Horse Hospital is located on The Colannade, Bloomsbury. Part of an underground cinema club, Flixation mixes film, performance, music, talk and beer like they used to do in the old days when films were shown as part of a Variety bill. They screen virtually any kind of film so don't worry about being rejected if your film was made with a 20 million dollar budget because chances are it wont, and don't fret if 20 million film festivals have rejected your trash horror porn, Flixation will take it!

The Horse Hospital is an arts space that showcases many programs for "alternative, of irreverence, individualism, anti-conformism, diversity, sincerity and integrity. Of championing the outsider, the unfashionable, the other" in the arts.

If you want to send you film along to Flixation for a thorough screening then drop on by to their submission page for details. Entry is free.

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