Monday, 1 September 2008

He who casts the first stone ...

Barton Fink - the life of the mind

Always when beginning a new film is the outpost of a writer and eventually director standing before the grassy plains wondering where the heck the cast and crew are. Before this time, the idea has sat, got up, stretched its legs, sat back down again, rested on the couch, leaned against the bookshelf, wandered off to the bathroom, come back to the couch again, sat back down, gone fishing, arrived on the late flight, taken a bath, and finally throwing its arms up against the fabric of action stated that it is ready to do what needs to be done to move from idea ... to some sort of visual reality.

Pre-production, even for a one minute film can take a year, and thinking back to if the thing was made prematurely, it is a relief that it had time to evolve. You start thinking things like "What if I made this film without the title I had thought up now?" or "Now I'm perfectly happy with the structure but before something was niggling at me about it". Time is beneficial, but I do believe more in preparation time rather then production time. Take a sprinter for instance, years of training to make a 100 meter dash in 9.69 seconds.

Production is like going into the fray, beforehand it is all strategy, afterwards it is about licking and healing the wounds.

So, that's where I am, have budget, have paperwork, have D.O.P, will shoot. Feels good, but now it is all about scheduling and I'm crap at using Excel.

Funny though, how addictive filmmaking is. You can be tackling everything else in life having shot the last picture, thinking I'll take on something bigger and then this idea pops into the cranium and *WHAM* attaches itself until the time is ripe for it to be lobbed.

I am continuously writing and do have some larger efforts in the pipeline but I'm the great tinker, and I'm tinkering with scripts left, right and center. The best thing is however, having let one rest for a bit, I came up with an underlying premise which added the flavor to it I really desired - ah, the benefit of time.

Barton Fink - the life of the mind

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