Friday, 5 September 2008

I can remake you a man-a-a-a-a-an!

It's astounding that MTV even thought to remake The Rocky Horror Picture Show - in the cue of great remake mistakes like Get Carter with Stallone, Bedazzled with Brendan Fraser, and The Lady Killers by the Coen Brothers - "if it 'aint broke", should be the philosophy here.

Sure remake a film that dived, flopped, faded into obscurity, had the wrong actors, etc, but remake a 'classic'? Not what executives think to be classics like Pretty Woman or Gone With The Wind, then what essentially you are doing is merely cashing in on cult status; not bringing whole new audiences to the original. There was no wonderful reprise of Peter Cook's and Dudley Moore's 1967 film Bedazzled when they remade it in 2000, no one flocked to the video store to rent out the original The Lady Killers with Peter Sellers, Herbert Lom and Alec Guinness.

Indeed, my own experience in mentioning these films to younger folk is that they immediately recall the remake, never having seen, heard or known that there was an original. To add salt to the wound, they don't seem to care that there was an original in the first place. So toss that argument out the window.

The fact is most remakes flop terribly and just don't have the verve of the original even if the original film lacked slick production values, you can't reproduce a unique actors quality unless you can match it with something equally as unique but different.

Anyhow there is a petition website for those keen to put their hand up to say 'no' to a remake, and why not. If you like something and don't want to have to think about it being desecrated by a bunch of ties signing contracts whilst thinking about the easy repayments on the new Porsche without the slightest interest in how the dough comes in as long as it does.

I think also that MTV should think about employing some fresh talent to come up with new ideas - how's that? Not too challenging I hope.

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