Tuesday, 30 September 2008

I want to live here

No, not in this Blog, there wouldn't be room. "I want to live here" is a film festival devoted to the housing shortage and the plethora of vacant land about the town. The deadline, the official deadline is October the 2nd but it has been extended until the 14th of October with a ten buck late fee attached.

The tech specs for this comp are 3 minutes duration, PAL, dimension 720 x 576 pixels, and of course 25 frames per second which should be defaulted when you output/input in PAL anyway. Films must address the housing affordability crisis, looking at rising prices and shortage of land in your area. They aren't specifically looking for dry beige diatribes on this matter, you can make it a satire, entertaining, even funny.

There is a $3000 cash prize for the winner of this competition and entries are not only restricted to Australians, anyone in the world who has a perspective on this issue can enter the festival. For more info goto the link at the begining of this post.

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