Saturday, 20 September 2008

Immoral Reviews

Last night I met up with my friend from B-Movie News to pick up a stash of classic R-Rated Blue Movies. No, this wasn't a softcore porno swap meet. I will be reviewing classic softcore titles for B-Movie News such as Emmanuelle Around The World, Linda Lovelace For President, Deep Throat, and Debbie Does Dallas ... Again. However I wont be doing it totally alone, my wife will be adding some female perspective to my reviews, so keep an eye out on B Movie News for my very discerning essays on the sleaze sensations of yore.

These movies are released mostly off Umbrella Entertainment's "Adult Arm".

I am particularly keen to review Walerian Borowczyk's film The Cupboard (Terry Gilliam placed Borowczyk's Les Jeux des Anges in his top ten animations of all time). About fifteen years ago, my friend and I nervously were browsing the adult section of the video store, looking to rent a blue movie. We already had a stack of films by Kubrick etc, and thought that slipping in a skin flick wouldn't be so conspicuous with our 'legitimate' selection. We were rushed and ended up grabbing the first film we saw, it happened to be Borowczyk's Immoral Tales, and not quite what we expected. To make the experience more unusual some guy had cut in a few seconds of a Hi-8 home movie of him standing in front of the camera wobbling his bits. All I remember from Immoral Tales was cucumbers and chastity belts.

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