Monday, 1 September 2008

Media Wave 2009

The opportunity to get your films in early to the MediaWave International Film and Music Festival 2009 is now available. MediaWave is held in Győr Hungary with connections in Slovakia, Romania, and Poland. It is festival "where artists with different ways of thinking and free thoughts will come together." rather then fancy tricks decorating films that are transparent of well thought out processes as expressed by the creator/s.

There are two segements to the screenings, one is a competitive program and the other, panorame. The two topics surrounding the 2009 festival are: global warming and ’69 – sexual revolution. There is no entry fee but they have stated:

"For custom reasons, please return the Pro Form Invoice attached to the entry form, along with the preview tape, otherwise we are not able to accept the tape. Please indicate on the form the value of the VHS tape as only 1$(EUR). (It is only a custom value it has nothing to do with the insurance.)"

There is lots of encouragement for filmmakers working outside the box, or as I like to say, inside the snuffbox ... part of their mission statement says ...

"MEDIAWAVE International Film and Music Festival attempts to serve as a scene where you can see and show films which are excluded from the traditional structure of distribution, thus they are rarely shown in cinemas and television, because of their unique and irregular visual world or topic."

The Pro Forma Invoice can also be found on the page below that has the entry form link.

The entry form is very much here.

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