Friday, 12 September 2008

Official Rejection


This was perfect timing with SPAA Fringe's filmmaker networking nights video, kind of puts the SPAA video to shame doesn't it? Poor little puppet, there is hope by listening to a bunch of happy people telling you how they "made it", great, half of me will be inspired and half of me will feel like I'm having my nose rubbed in it. When the door is shut on your flat, you can lie down on the couch and dream of future aspirations but perhaps when you were there at the conference, you neglected to warm up your jaw enough to really secure any positive outcomes, and all the wonderful words wafted across the auditorium can't repaint the dirty cream colour of your bedroom. Afterwards, can you call up one of these successful people and ask them to help out with your project?

Not that I have any issue with what the SPAA networking night is all about, but we tend to sell these things as being advantageous and useful. For instance I have a friend who has recently bought some proficient lights and a couple of nice Canon cameras, and every time he updates his stock of equipment, he lets me know, and also reminds me that I can use them at any time. Now that is useful, because frankly I can network all night but if no-one really likes my ideas then all I have really done is used my hard earned cash to support Carlton breweries.

Another issue with networking nights is everyone is there to try and get their ideas off the ground, where are the loaded producers standing around offering to produce those ideas. A bunch of idea heads aren't going to fund or make a reality the ideas of anyone else, they purely want to get their ideas off the ground. It's a useless cyclic pattern.

I've been to several networking nights, one of which was organised by the Tropfest crew, and to be honest, I tend to pick up more leads from my local pub on a thursday night then from an organised congress of filmmakers. One of my bug bears about such networking events is the "arsehole" element, and that is the motivational opinions slugged to filmmakers whose situation is far different from those secured in organisations and companies that have their piece of the pie.

However, I prefer frank looks at the reality rather then what we tend to deliver here which is one foot in the trenches the other hoping for a massage in the Officer's Mess.

"Official Rejection", now this kind of movie is what inspires me.

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