Saturday, 6 September 2008

Rooting for Rootclip

You can help people root for Rootclip by shooting a promo clip for the website, and win yourself a $200 Apple Gift Card if your clip get the maximum amount of votes on Youtube. The voting ceases on October the 1st, and the maximum length of duration for the promo is fifteen seconds. Don't use any copyrighted imagery or music and follow the Youtube rules and regulations.

Now secretly, if you don't have a large amount of subscribers on your channel or many friends in real-life, the trick to getting thousands of people to your video on Youtube is using tags like "orgasm", "breasts", "bikini", etc. The biggest demographic on Youtube seems to be youngsters searching for the equivalent of the once upon a time hidden National Geographic magazine under the mattress. Although I can't guarantee they will give your video a good vote, the responses are likely to be things like ... "you fuckiiiing ssuuuuuccckk!!!!!!!", "Gay", "wat is this shit!!!!" and "WTF!" - they get so incomprehensibly passionate over there at Youtube.

Also if you have the chance, the fifth and final installment to "Chance Encounter" is open for submissions. You have five days, nine hours, and forty-three minutes from when I posted this Blog post to submit. Note, this is different from the promo clip comp for those readers unfamiliar with Rootclip, but go here for episode four.

For details on this competition go right here now.

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