Saturday, 27 September 2008

Whilst my camera gently weeps

The latest Rootclip episode is full of mad scientists, inventors and kinds of switches. Doctor Frank is about to unveil, we don't know, and it is your task to carry on the story. I didn't notice an "embed" option on the video, which I think would be a good idea. I have written up on what Rootclip is all about in several posts, just goto the "labels" drop-down menu on the left side of this Blog to read them.

You have a little over five days to submit your sequel!

Some other news. Media Mobz is a site dedicated to bringing filmmakers and producers together with the intention of making movies. Media Mobz is a market place for getting your work made, you create auctions, and producers bid. To find out more read their "about" page.

Last but not least is Shooting People, a site dedicated to exposing films, casting and crewing, and networking filmmakers.

This weekend I'm shooting my Machinima video, between mopping floors, scrubbing the toilet, washing clothes, and scouting around for a birthday present to present to a friend of mine. Half a bottle of Merlot ready to be drunk later this evening, and some planning to do with a film my eldest son and I have been working on using a Spy VS Spy strip in one of his Mad Magazines. I decided to use the crushing technique used in various graphic book films such as 300 etc. See what we can do and have some fun.

I think the ultimate Spy VS Spy movie would have Eddie Murphy playing the Black Spy and Jim Carey as the White Spy, two of the best big budget box office comedians and both exceptionally skilled physical character comedians, directed by Terry Gilliam, less of a box office director but certainly big enough budget wise. Although, it's funny how favourite directors come to mind but perhaps are totally inappropriate.

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