Saturday, 18 October 2008

11/22 The International Comedy Short Film Festival

This time of year is always the quiet time for festivals. Many are starting screenings and many have rolled up the red carpets and begun calls for next years event. At the moment I have been completely immersed in my daily work but also rehearsing for a short film I'm acting in called "Funnyman", about a Dylan Moran styled comic who has whittled his wit away with Whiskey and begun to see himself reflected in various deliriums. We shoot on Thursday and over the weekend. I've also been putting together a spoken word single with Koshowko and time is pressing to get it out on time - most of the recording has been finished, and it now the time to refine parts of the piece.

But ... let us not stray from festivals that are accepting entries for 2009. Before you know it, it will be March next year. 11/22 The International Comedy Short Film Festival is currently accepting entries. The festival is in Vienna, Austria. What they are looking for are films of "Satire, slapstick, grotesqueness, skit, black humour, running gags, absurd, surprising punchlines…".

The festival runs between June 16th to June 20th, 2009. There is no submission fee for this festival. Submitted films must be received by March 2, 2009.

So if you have something worth laughing at or with then this festival might just be right up your alley.

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