Tuesday, 7 October 2008

DepicT! voting begins.

Here is the line up for DepicT! 2008. You can start voting on the entries to give your favourite film the glory of the audience choice award.

Breaking the Mould, Rebecca Manley and Luca Paulli, UK
CRAiNED, Merlin Crossingham, UK
Enough, Tor Kristoffersen, UK
Finishing Touch, Sebastian Cowan, UK
Grand Pier, Elle Farnham, UK
Happy Families – Mr. Peep, Mole Hill, UK
In the Name of God, Sajad Kariman, Iran
Looking for Marilyn, Anna Blandford and Anna Valdez-Hanks, UK
No-One is Illegal, George Sander-Jackson, UK
That was This, Kajsa Bergergaard, Sweden
The Sting of the String, Madhi Jafari, Iran
What’s Virgin Mean?, Michael Davies, UK

Don't forget to bookmark Depict! for next year. My posts have been rather brief lately but I'm doing back to back productions. Shooting a short film for a friend this week, as well as learning lines for someone else's short movie. Not only that but in pre-production for a video clip based on a RUN DMC clip and Pink Floyd's The Wall. So, amongst juggling family engagements, literally, as I'm getting married in a month - and work which is always brimming with student productions - there is little time left in my pocket. I did manage to squeeze in watching Used Cars the Kurt Russell movie directed by Robert Zemeckis.

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